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  1. LINTO GEORGE says:


  2. Elaine says:

    Thank you for all prayers and letting me pass yhe diplomate written exam in philippine board of ophthalmology

  3. Todd says:

    Please give your blessings to my dear friend Jacki in her fight against cancer. Please ask Mary, Mother of Jesus to bless and heal her. I know that I, so weak in my faith, am asking for a miracle. Thank you. Amen.

  4. Marlon Macapas says:

    Blessed John Paul… Please pray that my father will be healed and to me to get the job I wanted… Through you I know God will hear me. Thank you so much and my FAITH TO YOU AND TO OUR GOD WILL ALWAYS BE IN ME… AMEN

  5. geraldine moore says:

    please blessed john paul second heal oliver through the
    intercession of the divine mercy, and make it possible to go to rome to your tomb. thank you, geraldine

  6. Crisite says:

    Pope John Paul II, please intercede and help my son Jeffrey to heal. I am very worried about him and his physical problems. I want to see him grow up healthy and strong. Please allow him to heal so that he may fulfill God’s will. I know you are very close to God. Thank you!

  7. deeds says:

    Dear Blessed JP2,please pray for financial healing of my cousin. Help him find ways to solve his financial problems.

  8. MEH says:

    Dear Paul John II,

    Thank you for answering my praying and granting my miracle. I need you to now help me clear my mind, please help me find myself.

  9. Sue says:

    Oh, I don’t know what to say after seeing this priceless video. This video teaches us how to live as a person, and be a light to those to are not of faith. I was really upset and depressed today because of my illness and the depression caused by it. Yes, I will accept my illnesses as my own crosses. How ironic that I got to see this wonderful Page on the day that His Holiness Benedict the XVI said he will abadicate. Whatever happens, I will see God’s hands at work for the better of the church and will keep on praying for His Holiness Benedict the XVI. Yes, I will do my best to live as God wants me to, with his power and strength accompanying me. Amen.

  10. MEH says:

    Dear John Paul II

    Please grant me the requests, I have asked I need a miracle, please plead and intersede so that Jesus Christ grants me the miracle let Fermin’s heart be filled with love towards me and forgives my heart for all the hurt I brough to him for all my wrong doings. I want him back in my life.

    Thank you, do not delay nor forget me or ignore my request. I have turned to many for help and no answer has come now I come to you with certainty a miracle will come. It is February 11, 2012 I need tha tcall from Fermin to make up.

  11. MEH says:

    Dear Paul John II

    I need a miracle please go in fill Fermin’s heart with forgiveness towards me…I need to make things right but how can I if he refuses to speak to me. I am hurting, Please grant me this favor have Fermin give me a call so that I may speak and explain to him.

    I will be waiting for my miracle.

  12. Panda Rosa says:

    Thank you, Blessed John Paul, for helping me this far, you help me not to drink too much, not drink and drive, to stand and remind me I don’t need to drink. Thank you, good John Paul, for helping me even when I get lonely.

  13. Grace says:

    I dream about pope, i dream that he asked forgiveness to our Almighty God, he cries in my dream, i don’t know what does it mean….

  14. Maira says:

    Please Pope John Paul 11 please ask Jesus to cure me and remove the N279k mutation from my exon 10 chromosome 17. Please ask him to do this soon and by the end of this month if possible.
    Thank you

  15. Lois Callaghan says:

    Please Blessed John Paul 2nd. pray that the doctors will find a kidney for my friend Nino.

  16. Lois Callaghan says:

    Please pay for my friend Nino he needs a kidney transplant.

  17. Kate says:

    Pope JOhn Paul II please I beg for your intercession to our Lord on behalf of my family’s survival. For the truck to sell soon, so we can pay the rent and for the J to get the Wells Fargo job.

    For mercy on myself and the whole world.


  18. Fr. Martin Nyland says:

    Please pray for my total health, dear Blessed John Paul II. I am suffering badly from misery in the brain, horrible focus and concentration issues and now tinnitus. I am very debilitated and in anguish every second of the day. I beg of you to ask God for complete healing. I know of no other way to turn any longer.

  19. shince says:

    John paul please pray for me

  20. Cris says:

    Dear Blessed Pope John Paull II, I pray for your intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ to heal me from my anxiety disorder at work. I am having little sleep worrying about work and each morning is a dreadful time to go to work. Even my weekends lacked peace.

  21. athi says:

    Dear Brother

    Kindly pray for my health healing.


  22. Xavier says:

    Dear Pope John Paul II,

    Please pray to Jesus and Mary to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, the grace to intimately experience the love of God, and the grace to persevere to the very end. Also, please intercede for me to be healed of all emotional wounds.

    Also, please pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to heal me completely of chronic stomach disorder and restore me back to health.

  23. David says:

    O God we are thankfull for all your blessings,and mostly for the gift of pope John paul theII.God please allow him to pray forus.
    Blessed POPE JOHN PAUL the II pray for our country kenya for peaceful election come next year martch.Please also pray also for my daughter who is sitting for her k.c.p.e
    Exam early December this year.Amen.

  24. Anne Filion says:

    Most Holy John Paul II,

    I ask for your blessing of healing for my 11 year old daughter Sarah. She is suffering from a foot injury that may prevent her from dancing the lead part of Clara in The Nutcracker Ballet. She has total faith that she will receive the gift of healing from God through your intercession. May God’s will be done.

  25. riya says:

    pray for us

  26. riya says:

    Pray for us..

  27. MERLYN says:

    Thank you Lord for your gift of Pope jhon Paul 2 to us.
    How great it was for me to see in my dreams being an alter Girl and serving mass with our blessed Pope. O holy blessed Pope John Paul second Take care of my marriage and i pray to you to pray for my son Leonard to become a holy priest like you and may no evil get close to him. Also intercede to mother mary to pray for my brother to be blessed with a faithful bride and bind them in sacrament of marriage.
    you will always be my guide. My loving pope john paul 2

  28. Lori-Ann Koch says:

    I pray for your intercession for my children. Both suffering from PANDAS causing facial tics, OCD, anxiety, and struggling to make it through school. May you keep them free from strep and let the medicine put them into full remission so that they may more fully serve God.

  29. Ed says:

    Happy Feast Day! Dear Pope John Paul, please pray for my custodial grandson, Robert, so that he is happy at home and that he does well at school. May I also have help with my ongoing studies and accept the help that is available.

  30. Linto George says:

    Pappa…oh..my Pappaaa..plz lead me…

  31. Sara Fontana says:

    Dear JPII, you were such an example of living life to the fullest and giving your all to God. Please intercede and ask Jesus to send His healing touch to Amalour Johnson. To every part of her body that is filled with cancer bring healing so that she too can continue to live life to the fullest with her husband and 3 small children. Amalour is a wonderful witness to our church community because as she struggles with her cancer she is consistently faithful to God’s will. Pope John Paul II, Please intercede for her so she can be healed!

  32. jaysa says:

    Dearest Blessed John Paul,

    I ask for your intercession that my premature baby, John Remle Emmanuel born 28 weeks will live a long life without medical complications. Bless all the systems of his body that he’ll be totally healed. Amen. Blessed John Paul, pray for us.

  33. Phillip says:

    Thank you for the grace you brought to our life.

  34. Adriana Olmos says:

    John Paul the great!! I ask for your blessing and guidance that the dr’s find the solution to my fathers inability to swallow and that the prognosis is not malignant but yet curable. I ask that you kindly keep my father in your prayers and bring him back home with health and ability to eat by mouth, freeing him of any other complications. Please help them find the cure to a fast recovery oh John Paul the great, I will forever love and trust in you.

    Adriana De La Mora-Olmos

  35. loveth says:

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  36. Jose Mathew says:


  37. Hector T says:

    Blessed John Paul II,
    Please intercede on my brother Robert Louis’ behalf who is suffering from bone cancer. May your intercession heal him and relieve him of his pain so that he can continue to faithfully serve you in life.

  38. jbb says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, I humbly ask for your intercession to ask God for the gift of children for us. Pray for us. Thank you.

  39. N V says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please pray for the healing of my baby boy Jacob who’s 18 months old. He is having bilateral retractile testiles and need to have a surgery to correct it.

    We hope through your intercession and God’s mercy, that he does not have to go through the surgery pain and please cure him.

    My husband promise that if this is cure, he will seriously attend catechism and learn about our faith. Please help but act according to Jesus’ will, not by will. Amen.

  40. John Paul 11: Please pray to Jesus & Mary to intecede for my daughter who has an incurable Neurological disorder called DYSTONIA. She has it 20 years and we are her cretakers and are getting old and very worried about her. None of the meds help her and she can’t talk or walk very well. Please ask Jesus to heal her if it be the will of God. Thank You, a very worried mother

  41. Ken Nix says:

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  42. Immaculate says:

    I must not forget that I have had encounters through dreams with the blessed Pope John paul II. the first dream I had was on the 01 April 2005, the nite before he passed, I saw the the whole vision of the shooting from 1981 but this time he had died instantly. i awoke so scared only to switch onthe news early in the morning and he had died….i couldnt stop crying.

    IT was just after the world youth day in 2005 in Germany with the newly elected pope Benedict. My grandmother was very ill at the time and we had no hope but we just needed comfort that she could pass on peacefully. about a month after I returned to London, i had a dream on 22nd sept i saw the Blessed pope John paul II so young standing in this beautitful extensive garden of flowers smiling and all he said was peace as he extended his hand to reach out to my grandmother. when i woke up the next day, i felt calm and peace and later that afternoon, received a call that my grandmother(RIP) had passed.
    I could relieve those encounters once more. What a remarkable true Man of God. Thank you Lord.

  43. Immaculate says:

    I Give thanks to God our father for the gift of Salvation, life and faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Im making a prayer request on behalf of a dear friend called Femi. She’s a single mom to a 2 yr old baby girl, has struggled so much because she doesnt get any help from the baby’s father but now everything is suddenly going downhill. She was penalised at her work place for someone’s mistakes, everyone present at work that day was fired. she has been served a notice of leave for 3rd August and this has left her shaken, anxious and filled with so much worry. Her faith is on loose ends now however much I try to encourage her, she’s already struggling with debt, back payments on bills and rent and has already been served a court order. she’s lost her job and worse may come. she is now searching for another job but I pray and ask for your intercession that the Lord can put out all works of the devil that Femi can get a job very soon and be able to support her daughter. Dear Lord, thank you for your servant Blessed John Paul II and I know he looks upon his flock still.

    I seek all your prayers throught the intercession of our ever Blessed mother, the most virgin Mary and in Jesus Christ God’s only Divine Son. Pleaes lift my friend in prayer as we’re all very scared. I ask this in Jesus Christ our Lord whom we all love, serve and adore for He live and reigns with the Glorious father and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. AMEN ALLELUIA!!!!

  44. maria says:

    dear Blessed John Paull II

    Please stop the evil against our mentally handicapped sister ..
    please stop the government (tyrannical group ) from destroying all that is beautiful and good in her life in which she has suffered too much. Through the intercession of Blessed John Paull II pls stop them from harming her today and ever again until she goes to Heaven.. Pls stop them from removing the power of attorney from our oldest sister so ‘they’ can control Elizabeth.. Heavenly FAther pls hear our prayer…

  45. Jhonsen says:

    Please pray for my family and each family around the world, let the love from Jesus reign. Pray with us for inner spiritual healing, for an open heart that will obey God’s will. Pray with us for peace, sharing love to one another, hope and faith, trust and obedience, humility and gratitude. Let us hear the small voice from Him, revealed and guided by the Holy spirit, that we may do things according to His plans. God bless! Thank you Blessed Pope John Paul II. I claim and declare, you will make this miracle to happen, that those who are sick physically and spiritually, will be healed both, in Jesus name, AMEN.

  46. Rui says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please intercede to God for us, please pray for the healing of my 2 year old Frodo, he is suffering from urinary trouble and it is a life threatening illness. May God have mercy on us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  47. pam says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray for the convresion on my husband and for some family mmbers that we may have Godly and good marriage. please ask for health to be restored physically and spiritually.

  48. jijo mathew says:

    o loving pappa plz help me in my needs . plz listen to my prayers and grant me the proposed amount to buy the land . please help me plz pappa

  49. Lee says:

    Please intercede for my great niece Corey, she has Cystic Fibrosis, Juvenile Diabetes and needs surgery on the back of her brain to lift the brain away from the spinal cord.
    Please intercede for my niece Gena who has MS.
    In Jesus name. Amen.

  50. techie says:

    My ever-dearest Blessed Papa St. John Paul, I want to be close to you just like others, I know you all love us and you want to help us in all our burdens and trials. Please papa St. John Paul, please pray for me, I am suffering now with Anxiety, Nervous, Doom Thoughts and my Ovarian Cyst is getting bigger. Please help me to pray to heal my sickness, body and mind. My two children are still small, I want to take care of them because i have never experience that with my mom who passed away when we are still little too. Blessed John Paul II, please pray and intercede for me, please help me and make may Ovarian Cyst dissolve. I know without a shadow of doubt that you will take my humble request for health of myself, my husband and children to OUR Blessed Mother and JESUS who you so loved and trusted and ask them to help us with all our health issues and also to make us better people and bring us closer to GOD. Please help me Papa John Paul to heal my illness. I love you and I have faith that you will help and answer my request. Also bless my cousin Tala and Anne who is now also sick. Thank you Papa John Paul for the prayers and for your help. i love you…

  51. Sr. Marion says:

    Please pray for my sister who has undergone surgery for suspected cancer in the intestine. pray that the biopsy result will be benign. Doctor says that it can be Tuberculosis of the intesine. Please pray earnestl to Pope John for a miracle.
    thank you.

  52. Louis says:

    My dear most beloved saint John Paul,

    I believe in your intersession that you will intercede for me to our mighty saviour Lord Jesus Christ, I request you to pray for peace at home and my family life. And as you know, I have started my own business DMJ Tours & Travels, DMJ means DIVINE MERCY OF JESUS, as you loved DIVINE MERCY, I too love very much, please pray for the success and growth in my business career. Thank You. Praise the Lord,

    Your son in Christ,


  53. Linto George says:

    Pappa plz bless our home

  54. Elizabeth says:

    There is someone very special who has finally entered my life, after knowing them at a distance for three years. I pray that we will continue to get to know each other, and that we will have this opportunity. I pray to John Paul that our schedules with work will allow us to find the time, and that he will want to continue to get to know me.


  55. Sheila says:

    Holy Father — You touched my heart & soul as no other earthly human ever has. I thank you for your message: “Be not afraid.” It gives me courage and hope. I am asking, please, for a miracle of healing for Don Bolen. He is suffering so, Holy Father, and his family still needs his presence here. Please intercede on his behalf. In gratitude.

  56. ANNA says:




  57. liss says:

    please pray for my life and my brothers life to get healing and good life

  58. Ed says:

    Happy Feast Day! Please pray for my son T so that he and his partner L have a child soon. May my older son Y have his operation soon. May M and I have a very blessed 40th wedding anniversary on the 26th Aug and may M’s hips be healed and be free of pain. May I have help with uni studies and may work be blessed. May I continue with sobriety with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. Please pray that a suitable space is found for the library.

  59. Janez says:

    Na priprošnjo blaženega Janeza Pavla II, te prosim GOSPOD za slovensko Cerkev, da bi se očistila in izvila iz vseh stran poti, da bi duhovniki bili verodostojni pričevalci tvojega evangelija.

  60. hmcleod87 says:

    dearest pope john paul please interceed infront of our heavly mother + father for my family and their conversions , for health also thank you

  61. Eve says:

    Blessed John Paul, I have been a fan of yours from a child and I am so blessed to have had you as a part of my life.
    I know you are the greatest saint in my eyes and I know without a shadow of doubt that you will take my humble request for health of myself, my husband and children to OUR Blessed Mother and JESUS who you so loved and trusted and ask them to help us with all our health issues and also to make us better people and bring us closer to GOD.
    I suffer with High Blood Pressure and a lump on my upper left back and my husband suffers with a bad back and spine and poor eyesight. Thank you in the might name of Jesus.

  62. Ellen says:

    Dear St John Paul, Please heal my brother who is dying of Multiplr Myelomia. Hes is not yet reconsilled with God and I fear for his soul. Ellen

  63. Annoynomus says:

    Pope jhon paul please pry for me to mother Mary to ask her son to fulfill my wish..plzzz i m very much needy plzzz pray for me..

  64. Tess says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please intercede to God for us, please pray for the healing of my newborn nephew Paul Jose Mari Felix, he is in ICU. May God have mercy on us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  65. CC says:

    For my friend-4-life Donna that her illness be miraculously cured, and that others who know and love her will witness and spread the love of Jesus and Mary, givers of life that saved us!!

  66. Cheryl Walton says:

    Blessings; I would like to tell you of a dream I had–
    The very same night Pope John Paul passed away, I dreamed he was with me ; We walked on a stone path, in a foggy Italian village. I wondered why he was with me, because he is so reveared. In our short conversation, he told me I was forgiven.

    Did anyone else dream of the Pope on the night he passed away? April 2,200? —2006? i’M sorry I forgot the year.

    If anyone did please let me know…Much Appreciation if anyone could tell me of their dream experience.

    Truly Appreciated,
    reikiheal at comcast.net
    my keyboard is misbehaving; I can not get the upper case for the number 2 for the at symbol.
    Thankyou much again.

  67. Ela says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please pray and intercede for my Mother. May God give her the strength and determination to fight her cancer. If it be the will of God, may she be cured of it all together. Please ask for wisdom and compassion for us, her family, to support her in her time of trial. May my Mother always feel she is surrounded by our Lord’s Love and your-our prayer, Blessed Father. Amen.

  68. Manju Mathew says:

    Paappa, you know how much I need your prayer, Please pray for my baby in womb. With your intercession, i believe that the fiberoid which is growing with the baby will disappear. you are so keen on families, please pray that i get the strength to face all the struggles and sacrifices for my family. Paappa,I badly need your prayer, teach me to be innocent at the same time strong to face hurdles.please help me to be always closer to mother mary and to abide in the sweet heart of Jesus. Amen

  69. Leesa W says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please pray for my daughter who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and for my cousin, who has had it for many years.

  70. Gilbert says:

    Blessed John Paul II. During your papacy You were through your disease suffering an example part of my Catholic faith life. Today I ask you to pray for me that I recuperate soon and completely from the benign cancer illness news that according to my doctor’s last test result is affecting me. I’m going to have a another medical test done on me soon. You said ” do not be afraid as a servant of God”. Please pray for me that I have a extended life ahead of me to continue to be his servant living a Godly life through always witnessing God and our faith to others in my life. Amen!

  71. Igwe Toby says:

    John Paul II was an external symbol of an inward reality. he was a sacramentum, refering to the Augustinian sense of the Word. I therefore implore his Aid of intercession upon my vocation, trusting in God that He will answers the supplication of Blessed John Paul II on my behalf and that of my family and that of those who cry to him for help.
    Beate Ioannes Paulus Secundus – ora pro nobis. Amen

  72. Katy says:

    Pope John Paul II –
    Please, I ask now for your blessings in my time of need. I am possibly battling cancer at the twenty and need the Lord’s mercy as I await my biopsy date. I feel lost and angry for this possible cancer and autoimmune disease I have been diagnosed with and hope the Lord can guide my way through this uncertainty.

    Blessings with Love,

  73. Jo says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, Please pray for my father that he recuperates from his illness soon.

  74. HC says:

    Dear Pope John Paul, please intercede on behalf of our Maggie, who is a blessing to us from God that she may be healed and continue to shine the light of God’ love in our world.

  75. jijo mathew says:

    pray for gloria marian ministries

  76. Stephanie Murphy says:

    Thank you Lord for lending us this Holy Pope John Paul II to lead your Mystical Body (the Church) on Earth. John Paul our Pope has performed his role to the fullest in obedience to you. I pray that you have received him into your loving and merciful arms and let him join the Angels and Saints who adore you and do your will.

    Pope John Paul pray for me (I am ill), my children Katherine and Matthew, my family and my friends and especially my nephew Dale who is seriously ill this night in hospital. Please pray that our Lord performs a miracle that he may live to care and love for his wife and little children despite the doctor’s saying he is brain dead and wanting to turn off the life support. Please please pray for a miracle. 29 December 2011 00h57. I will add another reply praising our Lord and thanking you if you will intercede on our behalf.

  77. Carol says:

    Please pray for the healing and unification of our family under the light of Jeaus Christ.

  78. sylvia says:

    darine is gone papa please welcome her with open arms like mary welcomed you please give her the priveledge to intercede in this earth and to be able to guide her son from above and to be with us in spirit yet enabling her soul to rest in peace and tranquility

  79. sylvia says:

    papa dear papa darine is being brought to st yaacoub of deir el salb bkennaya they are not challenging just asking please put your hand in the hand of st yaacoub and help him to perform this life giving miracle she has to live please for the sake of her year old son william she has to live i have faith in you i know you can do this i will make sure everyone knows your mercy that you have shown us i now put everything in your hands join hands with mar yaacoub and lead him through this miracle i beg of you from all my heart please give her life

  80. darine says:

    papa please pray for darine give her life anew please i beg give her her heart beat back ask god to blow the breath of life into her nostrils please i beg i will do anything in return help her please

  81. Christine says:

    The only wish I will ask for is for steve M to be my husband. Please letmme have this. My miracle is hij

  82. Jayvee C. Torres says:

    Thank you Blessed John Paul II for all the answered prayers!

  83. suitbert koda says:

    Pope John Paul was a big part of life for me and I did not realize it until I heard he was very ill and passing from this life to eternal life with the Father. My own Father had passed in 2000 and John Paul taught me on the day he died to BE NOT AFRAID…. Words he learned and passed on from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
    Pope John Paul would be the first to tell you he is only a man not a saint… He is a servant of God. He would tell us to Believe in the Blessed Trinity, and Head the words of Jesus and to Honor his Mother Mary. Blessed Mary has been protecting his children for many days and has come to us with messages and John Paul could witness to this.. My heart has been heavy and when I read and am reminded not to Be afraid my heart becomes light and joyous. Thank You John Paul for the faith lessons and strength and messages you have given this world and taken to the Father and my family for me who are there with you.. Mother,Father,Sisters,Brother,Uncle,Grandparents,GodParents,In Laws,Niece and cousins. Just keep me in your hearts to make it to eternity with you all.. Pray for me AMEN


  84. Jennifer says:

    Please pray for my family.

  85. teresa says:

    pope John Paul 11 Please pray for me and my family in these awlful times. I know how much you love families. please pray for my two daughters to pass their exams. get married and to become specialists. pray for good health for me and all my family-depression,arthritis,immune system disorder , to pay off my debts,- not to lose my dss , my family to live their lives doing the will of God and not to fall into bad company and bad friends and to have the strength and courage to end any bad friendships pray that our marriage be blessed in the catholic church and a more forgiving and loving marriage. my daughter to have a safe and happy new home and get rid of any pests and insects,my mum will walk unaided again. my friends will win their cases.heal our sick friends

  86. beth says:

    Dear God
    Through your intercession Saint Pope John Paul please pray for my son Jorge his troubled mentally & emotionally please lead him back to his right senses and get back to his faith believing everything will be ok. Lead him back home to get a job and live his life and stand on his own. Please please keep him safe at all times….

  87. beth says:

    Dear God
    Please pray for my son Jorge who need your guidance…his troubled mentally, emotionally keep him safe at all times and lead him and let him, come to his senses and lead him back home please please pray for him

  88. Albert Vicencio says:

    Blessed John Paul II always pray for us and pray for our class to pass in our math subject

  89. gowthami says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul, please for my family . I was in search of a job for so many days. Please help me by ur prayer papa.

  90. Idah says:

    Please our dear father and intercessor in heaven, Blessed John Paul 11, pray for me that God may forgive me all my sins, protect me and strengthen my weak faith. Pray for me i get money, a job, a husband and a car and that am cured of obesity without stress, illhealth or evil. please intercede that my parents may get well and my brothers leave alcohol. pray for Johns ( my step brothers) healing. Everyone hates and rejects me, pray i see the love of God and fellow man and i will forever be grateful to you and our Lord. i have no friend, get me at least six sincere friends. Intercede for the restoration of my life and my entire family and its protection. Am really suffering and living in fear and satan is harassing me, ASk the Almighty Father, who cherished in your service to help me. Pray for me everyday until we meet in heaven, never forget any day my dear Saint. Amen

    • Joy says:

      Dear Idah,
      I am a mere woman who has also sinned terribly. With God’s Holy Light, I can see my way. I am sure Pope John Paul made intercessions on my behalf. I did have to do quite a bit of listening. I thought, well God took the time to listen to me, the least I can do is listen to Him! He speaks in such a quiet tone, I had to listen real close! I’m alive because it is God’s will! I have a lot to do! Maybe it’s time you stand up for what you beleive in!

  91. Chackochi says:

    Papa pray for gm mediavision and pray for gloria pro-life movement

  92. bonni says:

    I pray that all our needs be met, and all the needs of the world. Amen

    • Joy says:

      Wow! Mary Kyle! You took the words right out of my mouth! I too am estranged from my family, especially my children. I am going to mass as often as I can because I especially need the Holy Spirit for guidance and God’s amazing love right now. Can we stay in touch? I’ve never asked that of a total stranger, but we seem to be kindred spirits

      • Joy says:

        Mary Kyle, if you want to follow me on facebook I think you can search for my name, Joy Powers. I’m also on yahoo mail-we need to talk!

  93. Mary Kyle says:

    Blessed John Paul II, I wasn’t paying much attention when you first became our Holy Father as I had just became Catholic. I still didn’t know much about our Savior Adored and our Church. I clearly remember the feelings of joy, and amazement the first time I saw you in a news video. My heart leaped for joy! Holy and Blessed John Paul II, I need your intercession. My sins, although repented, have caused great anger and pain in my children. I have compounded that pain by my stupid attempts to reconcile when they weren’t ready for that step. Now, there is a complete break between them and me. Blessed John Paul II, the family and Divine Mercy were central to who you are, so I ask you to intercede for me, a repentant sinner, for the salvation of my children. I fear that as long as they hold such anger and hatred towards me that they will keep away from the Church. I beg you, to intercede for me that they will be healed enabling them to overcome their anger and hate, and return to the Church. Thank you

  94. please pray for the healing of my rabbts lip. We tried everything n the ulcer will not heal as of 2 1/2 years.

    please pray for me for a closer walk with God.

    please pray that my muslim husband will open his heart and allow me to go to church.

    Thank You and God Bless

  95. Fr. Davd R. Lord, MIC says:

    I made stroke !

    John Paul missed!

    My 53 age !

  96. Fr. Davd R. Lord, MIC says:

    Pope John Paul the Great, Thank You!

  97. Reina Prudent says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray for God’s mercy on our world. Please pray for all sinners, especially those who have not come to know Jesus. Oh Blessed Pope John you have worked so many miracles through the youths of our world…. I especially ask that you pray for a conversion miracle for my three sons. I pray for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing for them. I pray that they will develop a deep relationship with our Lord. Thank you Blessed Pope John for being such a true instrument of God’s love.

  98. Renata says:

    Thank you God for the Saint John Paul II.We love to follow his teachings that is also yours.Blessed John Paul II intercede to God for us that his infinite mercy and love will remain in our hearts, wards and actions.Blessed John Paul II pray for me, my family my friends and the whole world .

  99. vanitha josephine says:

    Blessed John Paul II ,
    Kindly pray for the intentions of our family. ( Vanitha, Stephen, Angela Mary and Augustine ). specially house litigation problem and obtain for us the gift of prayer.

    Vanitha Josephine

  100. Jo says:

    Blessed John Paul II, I pray and ask that you perform a miracle upon my life. I pray that I receive good health results on my upcoming medical tests.

  101. Patty Petrolonis says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, Papa you brought your amazing love to this world and I miss your kind spirit. I am so glad you now stand among the Saints and the Blessed Mother and can intercede on our behalf with our Savior. Papa please pray for me and intercede on my behalf to rebuild my marriage. I love my husband very much and I forgive him. Please open his heart to the truth.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

  102. TS says:

    Pappa, please pray for my husband who decided to quit alcohol after the retreat, to keep the faith in Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord

  103. TS says:

    Pappa, please pray for my husband who decided to quite alcohol after the retreat,to keep his faith with Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord

  104. Aloysius Kayiwa says:

    Dear JPII,
    I concede having come to like you after your death and i regret not admiring you before you went to heaven.Having came to know you,you became my role model and you inspire me every day.Infact i have your pictures hanged in my bed room.I love you father and thank you for the great work which the Lord made through you.You were truly a Servant of God and God can not fail to call you to Him after your life on earth.Now that you are with my Creator and Lord,pray for me that i may Love God more and avoid all sinful ways and acts,that i may continue to be more generous and that i may be successful in life.Pray for me to the Lord that my father may have good health and that our family may rise from the ashes.I pray for the conversion of my brother Charles and all those who are astray in the way of the Lord.

  105. Alfred says:

    oh blessed pope john paul II pray to Jesus Christ our lord that we the people of south sudan may for the first time in our lives experience the peace in the new nation he has given us.May the lord grant you sainthood for the tireless work you accomplished in leading his flock on earth.Amen

  106. Nancy says:

    Oh Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, we continue to pray for your canonization to sainthood. Your Beatification is the first step. I am praying this night for all of those who were evacuated due to the hurricane and pray for my friends and family to keep them safe from harms way. Please watch over us all this night as you did while your were our spiritual leader on earth and protect us. We continue to pray for you each day. I will always remember seeing you at Giant’s stadium and the feeling that come over me when your car passed us. Please pray for me and help me overcome my fears.

  107. nancy says:

    O Blessed John Paul II, please pray for my son Keith. I want him to believe in God the creator.He things there is no God and that hurts me a lot. Please also pray for my sister Benny she has gone through a lot of difficult time and she needs justice in this life.

  108. Rita umoh says:


  109. kunjappi says:

    o papa u r our heavenly spiritual father so please pray to our lord Jesus for the two retreats of this month .that is from 14Th to 18Th at mallappally and from 28th to the 1st of September at kuttikkanam . please protect Gloria Marian trust .

  110. jijo mathew says:

    o loving papa protect my father and give us the necessary things for the functioning of our trust and for our new house which is going to build.

  111. Jmaes Bamanya says:

    Dearest Blessed Pope John Paul II, I admired all the tireless efforts that you put in through t your time on earth in serving the Lord as our Pope. We never at one time saw you astray at all! We as Catholics are extremely happy that you are on your sure way to sainthood. Please my former church leader and Holy Father, pray for me to Jesus Christ that I may pass the job interview that I did yesterday. I pray through you to give a good health to my mother and to remain a happy couple with my wife and kid. Pray for us in poor countries that we may also develop and have a good standard of living. Thanks and pray that in future qwe also find you in heaven

  112. Jel Mangulabnan says:

    Dear Lord kindly please blessed our Pope John Paul II,your devotated severant. and please lead him into your kingdom to be your Saint so that he can continue serving you.love you so much Lord and Pope John Paul II,your devotated severant….


  113. Fr. Ed C. Garcia says:

    I firmly believe in your Bl. John Paul II for your help for the healing of my Mom’s pains physically and emotionally and also for my Brother Jovito who is already dying of cancer please do asked Our Lord Jesus to please do heal them thanks so very much for this favor.

  114. Linto George says:


  115. KAMALA SAB says:

    Dear saint John Paul Papa, You lived a saintly life, you died as a saint and you are recognised a saint,Please give me the grace to cope up with the difficulties of this life and to live a life pleasing to God. Please intercede for my brother who needs to be converted. Bless him to come back to the Lord and to do his duties and give happiness to my old father who is worried about his immoral life.

  116. Fred Smith says:

    Blessed John Paul II, I pray and ask that you perform a miracle upon my life. I ask that you intercede on my behalf for a miracle upon my life. I pray that I receive a spiritual, mental, financial and physical healing from you. Blessed savior, I ask this upon your Holy Name….

  117. nenette j says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, I praise God for giving you to us, a model of a life lived for you, in love and service. please pray for my mother and members of my family. Please pray for all married couples and families. Amen.

  118. Nomi Joseph says:

    Please pray for me, that my wife can conceive a Baby boy, as we have 2 lovely daughter’s, but want a baby boy, my wife having hearnya …. please pray for here so that we may see your mercy and mercule and continue to move more strongly in faith.

  119. jijo mathew says:


  120. linto george says:

    o loving John Poul papa please strengthen me to do my duty with regards to Gloria Marian Trust . Please help Fr. James,bros jijo , lal, manoj, p.j. Joseph and all the other team members .protct me from the snares of my enemy and guide me according to the will of God .loving papa come with all angelic powers to guide GLORIA MARIAN TRUST

  121. prince peter says:

    blessed John Paul please pray for my father so that he may improve his life style according to the will of god . And ask for special prayer for my parish so that all the parishioners may know Jesus . and i ask for special graces for the construction of my house.

  122. prince thomas says:

    dear john Paul please pray for my mother so that she may get well soon. dear pope please pray to Christ Jesus so that i may do my duty according to the will of God. please pray for Gloria Marian Trust and for its board members .

  123. jijo mathew says:

    Dear john Paul please pray for the activities of your Gloria Marian trust.Please help us in mallappally retreat which begins from august 14 . please keep Fr .James in your cope and strengthen bro Linto and Mr Lal sailam . Protect glory amen gloria Marian ministries and its coordinator

  124. Lydia says:

    My dear Papa.We need your intersation for the health of our friend Jim & our niece Debbie. They need our Lord’s healing. Thier illness is unknown. They are great people.They so need your help.

  125. AGATON says:

    Dear God thank you for directing me to this site.Thank you for giving us Blessed John Paul 11.Please i pray to you to help me find my way to be present on his canonization.Mama Mary please help me too.

  126. Blessed John Paul 2 May you intercede for my family intentions in all transgression on earth. As you are at the right hand of God, may you heal through the intercession of Our Lady, St Gabriel and all archangels those suffering all kinds of diseases especially Parkinson disease. Intercede that my present worries towards repossession of my house, unemployment, financial difficulties, business proposal,new engaged wife, securing employment are settled to the Glory of God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. Adieu great son of God and continue now you are heavenly placed.

  127. Babu Joseph says:

    Dear John Paul II Papa,
    I pray to you please intercede for us with Christ our Lord, specially for my wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters and all my beloved ones that their faith be strong in our Lord Jesus Christ and all their difficulties being solved, all their prayers being answered, all their hurdles being broken and finally their journey towards our beloved Lord becomes meaningful to them. Also pray for me to have success in the new business I started and to have good presence of mind in dealing with my clients and also with my associates. Amen

  128. Chola says:

    I thank the Lord for the gift of pope John II. I ask for prayers Please pray for me and my family.

  129. jijo mathew says:

    dear john Paul please help me in my works for the kingdom of god .please strengthen fr James and Gloria Marian trust.

  130. prince thomas says:

    pope john Paul is great .please pray for the sanctification of youth .

  131. ammt says:

    Dear Saint John Paul II,
    Please ask my loving God to unharden my spouse’s heart. He needs to know he has to help me financially, because he did not provide and abandoned this family last Saturday for worldly temptations. Please keep him away from his people, because none of his sisters, brother and mother do not like me and the children. They are all causing more and more problems for us and they never once helped us. They lean to the dark one, instead of you dear Lord. Keep our enemies away and cast the devil into the deepest recesses of hell, in Jesus name. Please ask God to keep all evil away from me and my children. Saint John Paul II, please intercede and God bless you. Amen

  132. Anna says:

    I must have ran out of space on the prior comment. Anyway, Blessed Saint John Paul II, my son Peter is once again in Afghanistan. He left, May 8, 2011, and once again I ask for your miraculous intercession for his physical, spiritual, mental, safe return. I hope this comment will help those whom are feeling despaired, will find some solace and strenghthen their faith, like it did mine. I love you God and thank you for sending Blessed Saint John Paul II to us, when we really needed him on earth and may he be here for us spiritually.

  133. Anna says:

    Dear Blessed Saint John Paul II, I am so, so happy that you have been canonized a saint. The day you passed away, I cried and cried like when my father on earth passed away twenty eight years ago. But the strange thing was, I kept addressing you in prayer as Saint John Paul the II, immediately after you passed, asking you to please bring my son, USMC Lance Corporal Peter Dominic Trevino,(stationed in Iraq in 2006-2007) home safely, physically, spiritually and mentally to me. You interceded to our Great and loving Lord and God brought him home. Thank You! Peter went to Afghanistan in 2009-2010 and I turned to your intercession once again and he arrived safely. Thank you dear Jesus and John Paul II

  134. veronica canuso says:

    PopeJohnPaul ll, Dearest one,who is with His Heavenly Father, I ask of you from a grieving mother for prayers for my beloved daughter,Carol, who is suffering from a cancerous brain stem tumor. Karol Wojtyla who will be Saint PopeJohnPaul 11, hear my prayers I ask of you every day.

  135. querido tope john paul II porfabor te ruego que sanes a un niño que se llama Andre ya tiene 7 años y no se cura el tiene la enfermedad autismo porfa curalo te lo ruego y as que todas las personas se curen te lo ruego si aslo si tu eres milagroso curalo

  136. Grace says:

    Dear Papa John Paul 2nd,
    Please pray for me to be completely heal of cancer. Please pray that the tumor I recently had to be benign. Please pray for my dear brothers who is struggling with some health issues and another with a financial problems. Grant good health to all my loved ones. Help my husband to be successful in his business. Bless all the people I hold dear in my heart.

  137. SHIELA says:

    Blessed John Paul II, please help my father..he’s in a critical condition right now battling heart problem. Please let me go home at the soonest so that i will be able to see my father.

  138. Shawn says:

    Thanks for all your prayers!!
    Please pray for my friends, relatives and for my special intention. Thank you father

  139. Barbara says:

    Pleaase Blessed Ope John: Here my cries and prays. Help me during this terrible time my family and I are having. PLEASE PLEASE pray for my husband who is battling lung cancer. Please pray for me to help me with my finance’s. I Love you with all my heart and soul.


  140. Maria Gil says:

    Dear Blessed John Paul II I would like for you to please have me in your prayers for my healing of multiple sclerosis. My husband and I just had our beautiful miracle baby boy 9 1/2 months ago. Six months after his birth I’ve had 2 mild relapses…..THANK GOD for the mild part!!!!! I would deeply love for you to intercede in prayer for GOD to heal me with his divine mercy. I do have faith in my healing. Prayer is the best gift and powerful thing ever, so I would like for you to please pray for me. GOD BLESS, Maria Gil

  141. Jenny says:

    John Paul II, I ask that you take care of my loved ones. Granting them the will to follow God’s Will and health and a living. I ask that you help me w/ fear I am afraid to leave home. I am not able to go to Church, depression is so strong as is anxiety. May I learn to trust in God and follow His promptings. May I follow your example in holiness. May my time in war be a part of my history not my preasent.
    Blessings to all you call upon you.

  142. Jenny says:

    John Paul II, I ask that you take care of my loved ones. Granting them to follow God’s Holy will and health and a living. I ask that you help me w/ fear I am afraid to leave home. I am not able to God to Church, depression is so stron as is anxiety. May I learn to trust in God and follow His promptings. May I follow your example in holiness. MAy my time in war be a part of my history not my preasent.
    Blessings to all you call upon you.

  143. Nworah Uche says:

    Pope John Paul 11, please pray for me that my dreams in this life will come true. A dream of family unity and Love. A dream of good christian life and love for all mankind.

  144. leonard says:

    thank you for lettin the world know of this great love of God Almighty, giving her the Blessed Pope john Paul II. please dig deep into his profile and canonnize him soon.

  145. melinda says:

    Dear Family and friends I ask that you will join me in a novena to help Sarah with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is so dreadful, I know there is no cure, and so I am relying on the help of those I love to Pray for her. Pope John Paul was recently canonized, and he suffered from Parkinsons Disease, another neurologic disease,so I felt inspired to ask him for his intercession. Join me I beg of you please to say this prayer for 9 days starting on Wednesday June 22 until Friday July 1st. I would be so grateful. What I have now is faith, I am completely helpless, so I reach out to you dear ones, and ask for prayer for my beautiful daughter Sarah. I thank you all in advance. I know Prayer is Powerful, I know if we join forces prayer will change our circumstances. I know it will help Sarah get better, but I need your help. Thank you my dear family and friends

    O Blessed Trinity,
    We thank you for having graced the Church with Pope John Paul II
    and for allowing the tenderness of your Fatherly care,
    the glory of the cross of Christ,
    and the splendor of the Holy Spirit, to shine through him.

    Trusting fully in Your infinite mercy
    and in the maternal intercession of Mary, our Mother, that
    he has given us a living image of Jesus the Good Shepherd,
    and has shown us that holiness is the necessary measure of ordinary Christian life and is
    the way of achieving eternal communion with you.

    Grant us, by his intercession, and according to Your will,
    the graces we implore you, we pray for Sarah Anne Dalpe, a complete and total healing, physical ,emotional,and spiritual. We ask for a complete healing from Multiple Sclerosis.
    knowing that Saint John Paul II the Great is numbered among your saints. Amen.

  146. Ngomi says:

    please pray for me and my family to be unites always and to always follow the will of God

  147. Moses Molise says:

    Blessed John Paul II i just learned the other day i share a birthday with you. it was indeed an honour for me to learn about that as you are the greatest icon the Catholic once had and still has. Please pray for me and my family to be as solid as a rock when it comes to faith matters. Please bring content and peace between me, my wife and kids. I also ask you to intercede my prayers to the Lord our Father to bless my brother with a permanent employment and protect his kids and mine at all times. May good health be bestowed to my mother who is sick and never enjoys life because of the pain she is suffering. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  148. Ronald Seow says:

    Dearest Blessed Pope John Paul II,

    I ask for your kind intercession and prayer for my spouse Joan for the LORD’s healing of her poor health.

  149. Barbara says:

    Dear Blessed Pope John Paul II….please help me to pray for the sinners of the world, conversion, new vocations and strengthening the ministry….I want to help spread the word about The Warning Second Coming….Blessed John Paul please help so that many more will know how to prepare, to experience the changes and be with Our Savior in the New Paradise….

  150. Eve says:

    Blessed JP II we love you!!!
    I have been asking you to intercede for my sis to settle happily. Do ask Our Lord to do it speedily.

  151. Carmen says:

    Pope John Paul II is really great. He is really a Saint.
    Blessed John Paul II, please pray for the sanctification of the priests and of the whole catholic church.

  152. anne says:


  153. Chachula says:

    Pope John Paul II pray for me and my family in our transition. keep us from sin and satan.

  154. obiebi elfrida (nigerian) says:

    you were a wonderful leader and also a divine instrument of God and Our Lady. I ask u to pray for me and my family and also ask God to hasten and make possible my parents reconciliation this year through Christ Our Lord from whom all good things come

  155. Narmada says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul ,blessed you will always be
    I lay my family in your arms, my Parents, Husband, Kids, sisters and all in laws. Grant us love, Peace and Hope
    and togetherness. my son sailed through hard time , hold him safe & keep him & his sister away from all dangers in life

  156. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Pope John Paul II pray for me so that health can be well and I can retire in a good health. May God Bless you Pope.

  157. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Pope John Paul II pray for me and my husband for misunderstanding in our marriage. And my daughter Christine who is married and have no child and bless her marriage. We also pray for you. Amen.

  158. Ameh Igoche Emmanuel says:

    Dear Papa Johnpaul ii, I feel despised and abandoned. I also need a job. Pray to God that i may get respite in life, and also find genuine smiles again. Teach me not to be afraid in life. In JESUS NAME i pray, Amen.

  159. dana says:

    pray for all of us that need guidance and stregth, blessed John Paul help us our family and all the rest of this horrible world we live in take of our children that they may always see the love that you give in your life time,and mostly always look over us as we fo on in this life with heavey hearts,PRAY FOR US !!!!!

  160. Estely says:

    Thank you so much God for bringing Pope John Paul II to our lives,Please Pope John Paul, pray for my family to be always united, please pray for me and boyfriend to be strond and overcome all the world`s temptations

  161. Liam says:

    Please forgive me Blessed John Paul for being so greedy in asking you to do so much for our grandson.The will of God be done.

  162. Matthew Pipio says:

    Blessed John Paul II, pray for me and my family that we may yield to the will of God always while on earth and that we may be living testimonies for others to emulate and follow.

    Also intercede for the world as the moral decadence is worsening each passing day.

    Pray for us Blessed Pope John Paul II

  163. shymissionsky says:

    Thank you administrator for your comment on #6. I really need it bad. I will use that to educate Non-Catholic here in our province as they do not know yet that they are being deceived by the pastors who hide their “selfish motives” under the shield of the Bible.I would like to thank all the Holy Catholic Priests for their true and genuine service to God. I would like to express my thanks also to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Blessed John Paul 2nd and all the Holy Angels and Saints. Glory to God.— i still believe one day all will be united under the true religion (Catholic)

  164. Jean says:

    Pope John Paul was a big part of life for me and I did not realize it until I heard he was very ill and passing from this life to eternal life with the Father. My own Father had passed in 2000 and John Paul taught me on the day he died to BE NOT AFRAID…. Words he learned and passed on from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
    Pope John Paul would be the first to tell you he is only a man not a saint… He is a servant of God. He would tell us to Believe in the Blessed Trinity, and Head the words of Jesus and to Honor his Mother Mary. Blessed Mary has been protecting his children for many days and has come to us with messages and John Paul could witness to this.. My heart has been heavy and when I read and am reminded not to Be afraid my heart becomes light and joyous. Thank You John Paul for the faith lessons and strength and messages you have given this world and taken to the Father and my family for me who are there with you.. Mother,Father,Sisters,Brother,Uncle,Grandparents,GodParents,In Laws,Niece and cousins. Just keep me in your hearts to make it to eternity with you all.. my husband may be there soon and I dont know How I will make it through this earthly pain yet once again. Pray for me AMEN

  165. FABIAN says:


  166. Beatitudes3:5 says:

    Let us all pray for our separated brothers and sisters who are misguided and continues to be misguided that one day they will come to seek and know the TRUTH and that the TRUTH will set them free . They do not realize that asking great and holy men and women who have gone before us and are now made righteous and pure before the THRONE of GOD so their prayers and intercessions on our behalf are so powerful before God. Sure we can ask our brothers and sisters who are still alive on this earth, but we are ALL SINNERS still and remain poor banished children in this world. All these great holy people/children of God have left everything, taken up their Crosses and followed Jesus for the Love of God and their fellow men/women and are now in Heaven; in that sense of course God would answer their prayers on our behalf more readily than if we
    were to ask God directly ourselves or ask our brethren/fellow creatures who are also sinners like us to pray for us.

  167. Ma.Victoria says:

    The Blessed Pope is not just a ”man” He is really a great man in all mankind…He cant be called as ”Blessed” if he is just a man…He did many things as Jesus do…He is really great ”Man”the Holy image He showed to the whole world…wow!!! i am very proud of Him…

  168. Ma.Victoria says:

    Dear John Paul II,

    i am asking your help to pray for me and my daughter to be in a good life as now that we are suffering of loneliness and sadness for my separation with my husband..help that i can cope up things and to start a whole new life and better future…help me also to pray to God that i can work again…and also i to pray that my daughter will continue and be good in the class and to succeed whatever she wants in her life…I love you Papa John Pope II…thank you for your good image for us to be follow your footsteps in life…thank you Amen…
    your daughter,
    Maria Victoria
    frm:the Philippines

  169. car;ota says:

    Thank you , Mama mary , Thank You Lord, and Thank You devine mercy. for having Blessed John Pope 11!!!!
    our dearest Blessed John Pope 11, please pray for my Son, for his studies and success, and have faith and confidence in god.please pray our Hometown Philippines for,Peace !! and whole World.. Blessed John Pope 11 we trust in You….
    thank you …..

  170. Adon Baptist says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul II, pray for us we people of Sudan especially South Sudan, so that the war which is going on now comes to an end. Enough 21 years of bloodshed, pray for our politicians to make them feel like working for the benefit of the country as we are approaching the state of a new Nation on 9th-july 2011.
    And finally pray for us all the christians so that our faith and strenght should not be replaced in God….Amen.

  171. Byansi Jane Frances says:

    If you mention the word Pope it is John Paul 11 that comes to my mind.Thank you for being a great pope and a saint of our time.I pray through you daily,i have you at heart.

  172. Abena says:

    I thank the Lord Almighty for PJP11. He was a living Saint so if the mother church beatified him it is in the right direction.
    Dear Blessed PJP11 pray for us pleading with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour to give us, poor sinners His Sacred Heart so that we can walk in his ways as you did while on
    earth. AMEN.

  173. Helen says:

    Pope John Paul I love you please help me and help me not to be afraid Amen Your loving daughter Helen

  174. simeon julian f fortu says:

    blessed john paul II i ask you for intercession.please help bring my problem to HIM.ALMIGHTY GOD may i ask that you give blessed john paul II the fullness of sainthood as reward for his holy life evidenced by many sacrifices,pains,and trials while he was still with us.allow him also O GOD to be the channel of YOUR Graces of Love,Mercy & Peace.ALMIGHTY FATHER through YOUR SON JESUS & HOLY SPIRIT please grant & answer my problem.

  175. jyne says:

    dear blessed pope j.p.11-pls,pray for my children and their familys, my husband& myself all of my blood relatives,none blood relatives, in laws,people we meet this life time, all the clergy people & all the, ninos inocentes, Pls, pray for our country to be safe in all calmitys man made and matural,and heal us all from all of our sickneses,dear pope invite us to come see your grave in rome,Thankyou much sir,

  176. Ivy says:

    Blessed John Paul II, who have touched the lives of every human here on earth that lives in different places around the world. Every time I see your videos, pictures on Television and here news and stories about you I can’t explain the feeling. I feel so much happiness of seeing you, hearing your words and feel your blessings. I pray that your canonization as saint will be soon.

  177. Yvonne Chen says:

    Blessed John Paul II, I ask that you please pray for my little brood, that Mark & Victoria find a way in their life and that they will understand what sacrifice is, how important it is to give thanks to the Almighty God for what they now have. Help them settle. Thank you.

  178. Miamonede says:

    Saint of our time. in all humility a employ ur intersection n virtue, please in this my time of tumor n dark hour i ask u to open my <3 to Jesus to grant me His light to see beyond the hour of time the peace may make is tent in my <3 once again!!!
    John Paul, Pray for n with us!!!

  179. Enrique says:

    The controversy about Pope John Paul ll being a Saint,or, not being a Saint is one of those things that – like religion, it doesn’t matter. We humans can’t understand the real and Living God but as Christiams we can believe that 1. God exist. 2. Jesus was the Son of God and 3. His ways are far above our ways, as the “East is from the West.” Look: I’m not a Bible scholar but I’m educated and can, at least, realize my own, infinitely small, limits, so….I believe that God will recognize John Paul ll in a way that we humans won’t ever uderstand and just because we call him a Saint, well, it doesn’t hurt anything, It’s OK with me. Just – don’t call me a Saint – I’m struggling to just make it through the day and sometimes don’t do a very good job at that! God Bless us all….

  180. Samuel Eco says:

    Please blessed John Paul II, help me in my vocation to the priesthood. help me to fight all temptations that might come my way and may you watch over my parents, siblings, all seminarians and all their benefactors and benefactresses and above all to see you in the heavenly kingdom after my death.

  181. Andy says:

    Please include my intentions: health and finances; my immediate request is for the return of my lost dog which give me company and working as my therapist.

    Thank you all.

  182. John Flynn says:

    Great site! Thanks so much for doing this! JP2 we love you!

  183. Kathy N says:

    Thanks God for giving you to us. We are so blessed to have you the greatest person in this world. Your life is our inspiration.
    Dearest Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray for my children that they become the good Christians have abundant faith and confidence in God.

    Blessed John Paul II, pray for us. Amen.

  184. Najhammadi says:

    Pope John Paul was just a man….Jesus said “No man can come to the Father except through Him” (Jesus the Christ! Not Pope John Paul!!!!).. People please, please read the bible….it is the truth!

    • administrator says:


      Blessed John Paul 2 was not just a man….he was a GREAT man. He was great because he was made great by Our Lord. He accepted the Lord’s call to lead his church and he did a amazing job. Thought working with Christ he brought the love and hope of God to millions of people at a very dark time in human history.

      Blessed John Paul lead the Catholic Church which was founded by Jesus Christ (Matt 16) and he accepted the call to follow in the footsteps of St. Peter and “feed his [Jesus'] sheep” (John 21).

      Your quoting of scripture where Jesus says “nobody comes through the father accept through me” in no way contradicts intercessory prayers. God uses holy men and women to bring people to him through Jesus Christ. James 5 states “the prayers of a righteous man are powerful before God”. Using your logic, by having someone pray for you would cause a confliction with what Jesus says about going through the son to get to the father. Also in Rev 8, St. John writes that the angels (in heaven) are offering up the prayers of the saints. So if your going to say that people in heaven cant hear our prayers then your argument is unbiblical.

      The Catholic Church does not believe or has ever believed that a man other then Jesus can bring one to salvation. This is where i think you are misunderstanding Catholic teaching. Unfortunately many evangelicals teach falsehoods regarding what the catholic church teaches without even checking if they have their facts straight, this is slander and violates the commandment, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. Jesus’ death on the cross brings salvation but we must respond with a living, active, loving faith. Jesus returned to heaven to prepare a place for us but he did not leave us Shephard-less, he left us a Church guided by the holy spirit which will lead us to ALL truth. He also left us a human shepherd to lead in his stead.

      Regarding your statement about reading the bible. If you go to Catholic Mass every day for 3 years you will hear the entire 73 book bible read. The Catholic Church also compiled the bible back in the 3rd council of carthage in 397AD, if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church you wouldn’t even have a bible. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the Church that compiled the bible reads the most bible in its worship (the mass).

      Your intentions seem sincere and thoughtful yet i must say they are misguided due to your ignorance of Catholicism, Christian theology and history. There are several articles on this website that show the biblical roots of: Catholic’s devotion to Mary (http://blessedjp2.com/totus-tuus/) as well as the Papacy and apostolic succession (http://blessedjp2.com/why-a-pope/). If you read these you will see that they are biblically and historically sound.

      Like i said earlier i believe your intentions to be sincere, but you must ask yourself do you love Christ and strive to know Christian truth or are you in love with your own preconceived notions and a brand of christianity that makes you feel good but lacks real substance?

    • Beatitudes3:5 says:

      Let us all pray for our separated brothers and sisters who are misguided and continues to be misguided that one day they will come to seek and know the TRUTH and that the TRUTH will set them free . They do not realize that asking great and holy men and women who have gone before us and are now made righteous and pure before the THRONE of GOD so their prayers and intercessions on our behalf are so powerful before God. Sure we can ask our brothers and sisters who are still alive on this earth, but we are ALL SINNERS still and remain poor banished children in this world. All these great holy people/children of God have left everything, taken up their Crosses and followed Jesus for the Love of God and their fellow men/women and are now in Heaven; in that sense of course God would answer their prayers on our behalf more readily than if we
      were to ask God directly ourselves or ask our brethren/

  185. gildo says:

    Pope John Paul II bless our country the Philippines and all nations. Give peace to every one and strength in our everyday life. Pray for us.

  186. Rene says:

    Dear Pope John Paul II, seated up in the heavens above look down upon us who still struggle while on our earthly journey. You, who were an true model of endless love pray to God to fill all your children of the church with love that never ends. Pray for us that the love of our God springs forth from our hearts like a fountain that never stops. Pray for those who have left our mother church and especially the youth of today. Please pray for my intension oh Blessed Pope John Paul. I love you dearly. Amen

  187. jacob says:

    Saint John Paul II please intercede and pray for us sinners to be like you, obedient to the will of our Heavenly Father.

  188. David says:

    Dear Papa ..I really need your prayer for my family which is messy and chaos…Especially our siblings which is always quarrel to each other…I begging you Papa to pray for my family and do bring reconciliation and peace to my family…

    Loves you Papa PJP2nd..

    God bless..

    From David…

  189. Pray for peace in our country Nigeria and the entire World

  190. Owie says:

    Thank You Lord for the Divine Mercy and Pope John Paul II.

  191. Karyn says:

    please pray for Judy Held that she be healed physically,mentally & spiritually

  192. mary says:


    Dearest Friend of all Mankind, Blessed Pope John PaulII,

    Please, pray for all of us who still struggle, here on earth.Help us to spread our Catholic Cristian Faith like wildfire in these difficult times.Pray for our Children to turn back to God.Pray for the sanctity of life. Please, ask Our Dear Lord to give us greater understanding and forgivenous for each other and greater love for everyone, without exception.

    I have a great love for you.

    You touched my heart and soul with your profound love,I received a ticket at the last minute to see you in Baltimore and was thrilled to be in Your Holy Presence.
    May the Church speed you to Sainthod.The World needs you now.Please, remember mywonderful family, especially my dear son,Eric paul, who now lives with you in Heaven.Pray for me.
    My love and prayers for your Sainthood, Mary


  193. Catherine says:

    Dear Papa, Hope you are praying for the poor sinners in the heaven. Please pray for me too and especially for those who separated from the Catholic Community. Pray that all the hypocrites, pentecostal people and those who are preaching against of our lady and saints and the catholic liturgy, must understand about the trueness in Catholic church. Also pray for my marriage papa. It must happen by this year with the wish of both our parents. Love you papa…

  194. Ann Mansoor says:

    I Love you Holy Pope John Paul II Please Pray for me and all my family( especially my daughter), help us to get rid of all the sins and give us a good health,make us follow your way, thank you God for everything love you God soo much

  195. mj says:

    Blessed JohnPaul II,pray for our family…we are in deep financial crisis…heal our pocket..help me & my hubby find a good job…thank you in advance Blessed JP II…in Jesus’ name…Amen…

  196. urbanus says:

    thank our lord for servant blessed pope Paul the second for his service to youth . blessed pope pray for me to get job. Blessed PRAY FOR US

  197. ollie says:

    Please pray for the Presinal Family to be happy , safe and united in your love lord Jesus through the intercession of our wonderful Saint John Paul II. Thank you. Amen.

  198. Nancy says:

    Dear Saint John Paul II, Allow Your healing Hand to heal me. Touch my soul with Your compassion for others; touch my heart with Your courage and infinite Love for all; touch my mind with Your Wisdom, and may my mouth always proclaim Gods praise. Teach me to reach out God in all my needs, and help me to lead others to God by my example in the name of Jesus.
    Most loving saint of our times, bring me health in body coz am HIV positive and spirit that I may serve God with all my strength. Touch gently this life which God have created, now and forever.

  199. Sujith George says:

    Holy father pray for us

  200. fina says:

    when he came to beatify Lorenzo Ruiz in manila,i was standing about two-three meters away from him . now, he himself had been beatified, i feel so blessed. i saw the pope that would be saint in person some decades back… my dear venerable pope john paul, please pray that GGA be enlightened and be led by Mama Mary back home.

    please intercede for the stability of my employment.

  201. Sharon says:

    Heavenly father we thank you for the life of blessed Pope John Paul II that u gave and took away from us and he is now right with Mother Mary, Jesus and all the saints. I ask the Blessed Pope to pray for peace in the whole world, pray for the Holy Catholic Churches in the whole world that the evil ones may not over shadow the faith of thy servants, pray for the sick, sufferings, all the Clergy men who have decided to work against the Doctrines of the Holy Catholic faith and for the Flock that they may not be made blind by evil. I also ask your prayer for My Sister who is in an unwanted relationship with a Muslim man,for people who wants to kill the bodies of human beings(enemies), for job opportunities to all my friends who are searching, bless me in my relationship, and pray for all souls that are in purgatory. Blessed Pope present all these in the divine mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  202. Sylvia Herrera says:

    Santo Juan Pablo II por favor bendice a Elias Chinchilla Herrera y a su familia. Amen

  203. Jane J. Baguio says:

    Dear Pope John Paul II,

    Please pray for my family, specially pray for my husband to have a better, good and permanent job in Qatar… and so my husband could go already to Qatar and work there as soon as possible…

  204. Peter says:

    I was blessed by him when he visited the Solomon Islands in 1984. I was a child back then but I must say that since then, I have had a strong And unbreakable connection with him and I know that I have received many blessings through him. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXAMPLE AND FOR SHOWING US WHAT FOLLOWING CHRIST MEANS. YOU WERE A TRUE LEADER IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD AND YOUR LEGACY WILL LIVE ON. PLEASE PRAY FOR US AS YOU ALWAYS DID WHEN YOU WERE OUR LEADER HERE ON EARTH.

  205. Kristine says:

    Dear Blessed John Paul II,
    Please help to restore vision for my dad and relieve him from his suffering and anxiety! Please help his doctors to help and heal him.thank you for your love while here on earth and now in heaven with our Father and Jesus.


  206. Robin Anne says:

    Thank you for the gift of Blessed John Paul II Father in heaven. He lived with Jesus and as Jesus among us. God Bless him. Love you God.

  207. amy says:

    St. John Paul II, Help me pray to Jesus & Mother mary through your intercession that my life will be fixed to Sofonias. And will help our son for the incoming class. And also our family and those who are living in this world. Amen.

  208. Jeanette Grayeb-Mihal says:

    We were blessed to have you as our Pope, and now can show our love and affection by your beatification. You will always remain a beloved Pope and outstanding example of what our faith represents. We miss you, and ask that your pray and watch over us. The world is in turmoil, and we are in desperate need of your prayers and guidance. As I look at your photo, I am humbled that God displayed his love for us by sharing you with us.

  209. gary j says:

    i named my 2 kids after His name

  210. We were blessed to have him as a wonderful inspirer and mediator between the conflict states. Blessed St.John Paul II pray for the troubled Africa and the whole World.

  211. Sandra Fok says:

    Pray for my husband !

  212. Carol Y says:

    Dear Father in heaven,

    Thank you for dear Pope John Paul. Today we pray with him in your presence. Please bless us with your grace, and the ability to handle what God sends our way. Help those we love, and those that we do not feel so much to love. Bring us closer to you, through our actions, prayers, and intentions. In God’s glory, Amen

  213. Travis J. King says:

    Blessed John Paul II – Pray for us!

  214. Yvonne says:

    Thank you for your devotion and faith. As we travel today pray for us so myself and the youth travelling with me will have a safe trip. Blessed John Paul the Great, Pray for us.

  215. Debbey says:

    Pope John Paul pray for me and my loved ones and all my family whose souls are in purgatory. Never say Pope John Paul but there is no doubt in my heart he will be a Saint.

  216. mary says:

    May he take his place among all the elect in God’s eternal kingdom and intercede for us all that we will come to Jesus open our hearts and trust in him.

  217. gigi says:

    Blessed john paul ii , pray for me —- gigipjob

  218. Ram says:

    I had the pleasure to see him Pope John Paul twice on his trip to Miami. The first time I saw him he rode with his procession down Biscayne Blvd and the next day I attended an outdoor mass at Tamiami Park where we where interrupted by lightning, it was a mystical experience. He had an incredible spirit that guided our Church during the twentieth century. May he bless us from up high.

  219. OCD Texas says:

    Praise God for this tremendous grace for all of humanity. May we now delve more deeply into the gifts he has left us, respecting and living life in the goodness and beauty he constantly offered us all to discover.

  220. melanie says:

    thank you God for letting us live with him, he truly is a masterpiece. i haven’t seen him personally, but just by looking at his picture will make you feel lighter and will make you feel so blessed.
    PJPII you will always be a huge part in our hearts. We all love you, no need to say: but we all know that you will
    continuously pray for all of us.

  221. Elizabeth says:

    Blessed Pope John Paul, pray for us and intercede on all the warring nations that they will know peace and those communities and nations that have suffered natural disasters, loss of life and displacement comfort them. May your perpetual light of glory continue to shine in our lives Amen.

  222. Candida says:

    While i never got to see him in person, we were blessed by his presence and being the head of our Church. He was such a wonderful inspiration and beautiful gift from God. Please pray for us, especially in these awful times. May the world turn to the Church for guidance and peace. Blessed be Pope John Paul II. Amen.

  223. udeh amaka says:

    i thank god for using pope john paul 11 to bring all christain together.

    Ipray that as he continue to interceed for that god with his infinite mercy will have mercy on the all world .

    blessed john paul , pray for us .

  224. evelyn says:

    He was a great pope, i saw him when in came to central park, that i will never forget, may he bless us all. I will pray for him to become a saint.

  225. Mulipola says:

    Thank you Lord for giving us this Holy Pope John Paul II to lead your Mystical Body (the Church) on Earth. John Paul our Pope has performed his role to the fullest in obedience to you. I pray that you receive him in your loving and merciful hands and make him a Saint.

    Pope John Paul pray for me and my family, Taunese, Alex, Lois, Peja, Roseanne, Baby Denara and Baby Jacinta

  226. Elizabeth says:

    Pray for us all. Especially the weak.

  227. Helen says:

    Haventlly Father,may your everlasting Blessings be upon our Blessed Pope John Paul II,your devotated severant.I’ll continue praying for his sainthood into your kingdom and may your Blessings also be upon our world.

  228. Jecinta Okong'o says:

    Thank you dear Lord for your servant Pope John Paul II, as he crosses the threshold of hope to be face to face with our beloved mother Mary and all the Saints, receive him with your everlasting mercy and preserve in your Church the voice of this shepheard.

    John Paul the Great, pray for us.


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